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A man in a blue button up shirt, black baseball cap, and sunglasses, holds a piece of paper with photos of an apartment.

‘From a cot to a palace’: What one man’s story says about the difficult road out of homelessness

39-year-old Moses Aguilar's journey was smooth, but he was aided by luck at every step of the way, from breaking addiction, to getting an identification.
A building with an Amerian Flag out front

Fairbanks Pioneer Home reports 28-person COVID-19 cluster

That number includes 9 residents and 19 staff members.
A covered cement sidewalk nexxt to store fronts with some people sitting at the far end

A naked homeless woman became a target in an Anchorage Facebook group. Here’s her story.

What the story of one woman's fall from a promising future because of mental illness reveals about Anchorage's support system.
Two moviegoers

With niche films and empty seats, going to the movies in Anchorage feels different

While some people are nervous about getting back to the theaters, meaning more opportunities for those who choose to go.
A square tan and grey building

COVID-19 unemployment boost may arrive mid-October

A program to boost unemployment benefits for Alaskans out of work because of the pandemic is still weeks away from implementation.  In mid-August, the state was approved for a FEMA Lost Wages Assistance program that...
A purple fold-out sign with the words "Full Capacity". Behind it, a man in a tan jacket descends a ramp

City racing to move people into housing as fall temps fill shelters

Managers of the emergency mass shelter at the Sullivan Arena fear that some have already been forced to sleep on the street because of limited capacity.
A few small buildings and gravel pits are seen from across blue water below mountains

Red Dog Mine tightens protocols after COVID-19 cases

The mine shut down flights to regional communities after several employees tested positive in the last weeks.
A red helicopter drops supplies for workers in a willowy area of mountains

CARES Act money funds jobs and trails at Anchorage-area parks

The project was intended to bring jobs to young workers who were overlooked by other government support programs.
A Kanye sign next to two other political signs with a sign for Espresso Expressions in the background

In fraught political moment, Kanye 2020 signs bring a laugh in Anchorage

Kanye West isn't on the Alaska ballot, according to the Division of Elections.
Man sits next to sign that reads "Let me see her!!"

Loved ones fight for entry as hospital COVID precautions keep them outside

Hospitals say they are forced to balance their values of compassion with the need for broader public health good.
A grainy photo of a tow truck

Nome police locate truck related to investigation into woman’s disappearance

About two weeks after she was reported missing, Nome police say they requested on-the-ground help from the FBI to find a missing 33-year-old woman, Florence Okpealuk.
Ruts in the dirt lead up a mountain where hikers are visible

Alaska parks system stressed with new pandemic crowds and old funding shortages

Erosion, parking and trail access problems have worsened due to the pandemic as the park system copes with 5 years without capital funding.
A worker dressed in black leaves thebeige double doors of a grey building. In the foreground, a sign reads "at capacity"

COVID-19 outbreak among Anchorage’s homeless points to gaps in testing strategy

Experts say the lack of a national testing strategy has led to unnecessary deaths of people experiencing homelessness.
A sign in front of a beige entry way behind grey steps reads Attention, we have reached Capacity"

12 COVID-19 cases reported at Anchorage’s largest shelter

Managers of the emergency mass shelter at the Sullivan Arena say that they were able to isolate the cases quickly.
A boxy red and gray building

City reports one death from Brother Francis outbreak

The outbreak that started at the shelter has infected 89 people, and resulted in at least one death.
A worker lays out mats in an ice rink under bright flood lights.

Ben Boeke reopens for skaters as Anchorage pushes to move shelter residents into housing

The city says it hopes millions of dollars in CARES Act money can free up space at the emergency mass shelter at the Sullivan Arena.
the Anchorage pioneer home, a five-story blocky building with a red sign in front and flower beds

Another resident at Anchorage Pioneer Home dies of COVID-19

Its the second COVID-19 death tied to the Anchorage Pioneer Home.
Float planes tied up in an artificial pond

2 dead, 2 seriously injured in Fairbanks plane crash

Two people were killed in a collision at a private airport in Fairbanks, and a third has life-threatening injuries.
A runner in an orange windbreaker and wearing a red running backpack descends a dirt trail with wet vegetation in the foreground and mountains rising into fog int he background

A 500-mile hiking trail across Alaska? Advocates say the pandemic is a perfect time to start

Advocates say the trail, which would connect Seward to Fairbanks, could provide an economic draw for tourists, and would help define Alaska to the Outside.