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The Bronson administration is negotiating a contract to build a 330-person shelter in Anchorage

The Sullivan Arena has been sleeping as many as 500 people each night since the pandemic started, but city officials are hoping to return it to its original use as a hockey arena.  
six photos of six dogs

Meet 12 Iditarod dogs from Steve, who’s kind of a jerk, to Nala, the peppy cheerleader

We’ve been publishing a “dog of the day” during the Iditarod. Here’s a round-up of who we’ve met so far.

Wind almost derailed Brent Sass’s first Iditarod victory. Here’s what happened.

Brent Sass and his team tumbled down a hillside in a raging windstorm on his final run into Nome. "The whole time I was like, ‘Yep, here we go, pulling a Sass again, making it interesting, and the last leg of the frickin race every single time.’"
A man holds two dogs

Dan Kaduce finishes 4th in Iditarod. With 14 dogs, he feels like a champion.

Kaduce said he opted to keep 14 dogs in harness instead of sending the slower ones home.
a dog on top of a dog house

Franklin, ‘the Michael Jordan of sled dogs’

“He's a really special dog all the way around,” said Aaron Burmeister.
A man with two dogs

Meet Slater and Morello, the sled dogs that led Brent Sass to victory

The two six-year-old Alaskan huskies led for most of the 1,000 miles, through headwinds and over hills.
a musher with a microphone under the Iditarod burled arch

The Iditarod has a new champion: Brent Sass arrives first to Nome

The 42-year-old musher took command of this year’s race around the halfway point and never gave it up.
An aerial view of a musher

‘Kind of a dream’: Brent Sass races to Nome, poised to win his first Iditarod

Brent Sass and his 11-dog team dashed out of the White Mountain checkpoint at 7:05 p.m., with just 77 miles to the finish line.
A musher on back of a sled

Brent Sass is first into White Mountain, with just 77 miles to finish line

Sass pulled in at 11:05 a.m. Monday. He can race on at 7:05 p.m.
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Dan Kaduce is the only Iditarod musher still racing with a 14-dog team. Here’s how.

Chatanika musher Kaduce says it’s a combination of luck and good dog care habits that have helped him surge to the front of the pack,
An aerial shot of a dog team in orange jackets

Meet musher Hanna Lyrek, the Iditarod rookie who’s racing closest to the front of the pack

While she’s a newbie to the Iditarod, Lyrek has already proven her mettle in long-distance dog mushing. At age 19, she won the 2019 600-kilometer Finnmarksløpet, one of the biggest races in Europe.
A man looks upset

Dallas Seavey says ‘this is where I want to be’ as he chases Brent Sass

Seavey talked to reporters during his pause in Unalakleet early Sunday. Listen to the interview.
A man in a dark parka and a headlamp

Brent Sass maintains Iditarod lead up Bering Sea coast as Dallas Seavey tries to close gap

Sass charged through the first coastal checkpoint in Unalakleet, with Dallas Seavey resting for a few hours there before pushing ahead.
A musher runs up a hill as the sun rises behind the hills

Iditarod teams get some relief with ‘smooth and nice’ Yukon River trail

Mushers reported a hard and fast trail on the frozen Yukon River and temperatures below zero.
A man and his dogs

Hugh Neff scratches from Iditarod halfway into the race

Neff said he was given the choice of being disqualified or scratching because of concerns from veterinarians about his dogs.
A man cradling a full-sized sled dog in his arms like a baby

Nala, the peppy cheerleader who’s a little afraid of bubble gum

What Nala lacks in leadership, she more than makes up for in personality.

Iditarod mushers look forward to fast river trail, ready to put the miles of moguls behind them

"We've been dealing with the moguls from the start," says Richie Diehl. "It'll be nice to be on the river."
A black and white dog

Sherlock, just a big doofus

Sherlock doesn’t live up to his name. “He would not be a very good detective," says Olson.
A man with an icy beard and parka

Brent Sass leads Iditarod to Yukon River

The first musher to the Yukon River gets a $3,500 cash prize, plus a bottle of champagne and a gourmet meal, cooked up by chefs who fly in for the occasion. But Sass declined the meal when he arrived.