Lori Townsend, Alaska Public Media

Lori Townsend is the News Director for the Alaska Public Radio Network. She got her start in broadcasting at the age of 11 as the park announcer of the fast pitch baseball games in Deer Park, Wisconsin. She has worked in print and broadcast journalism for more than 24 years. She was the co-founder and former Editor of Northern Aspects, a magazine featuring northern Wisconsin writers and artists. She worked for 7 years at tribal station WOJB on the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibway Reservation in Wisconsin, first as an on-air programmer and special projects producer and eventually News Director. In 1997 she co-hosted a continuing Saturday afternoon public affairs talk program on station KSTP in St. Paul, Minnesota. Radio brought her to Alaska where she worked as a broadcast trainer for Native fellowship students at Koahnic Broadcasting. Following her work there, she helped co-found the non-profit broadcast company Native Voice Communications. NVC created the award-winning Independent Native News as well as producing many other documentaries and productions. Townsend was NVC’s technical trainer and assistant producer of INN. Through her freelance work, she has produced news and feature stories nationally and internationally for Independent Native News, National Native News, NPR , Pacifica, Monitor Radio, Radio Netherlands and AIROS. Her print work and interviews have been published in News from Indian Country, Yakama Nation Review and other publications. Ms. Townsend has also worked as a broadcast trainer for the Native American Journalist’s Association and with NPR’s Doug Mitchell and as a freelance editor. Townsend is the recipient of numerous awards for her work from the Alaska Press Club, the Native American Journalists Association and a gold and a silver reel award from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters. Townsend was the recipient of a Fellowship at the Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting in Rhode Island as well as a fellowship at the Knight Digital Media Center in Berkeley. She is an avid reader, a rabid gardener and counts water skiing, training horses, diving and a welding certification among her past and current interests. ltownsend (at) alaskapublic (dot) org  |  907.550.8452 | About Lori
A roll of "I voted" stickers with the blue alaska flag nexxt to secrecy folders

LISTEN: Vote by mail or in person? Understanding the options this election season

What do you need to know about your voting options? How secure are the systems in place and what will the process be for counting ballots after November 3rd? State elections officials join us to clarify the voting process

Primaries or ranked choice? Vote Yes and Vote No make the case for ballot measure 2 | Alaska Insight

https://youtu.be/TTn7Ag4pvnw Candidates aren't the only boxes on the ballot come November 4th. Ballot measure 2 seeks to shift elections from primaries to ranked choice voting, and would...
A man speaks at a podium

LISTEN: U.S. Senate incumbent Dan Sullivan is here to answer your questions

Republican Dan Sullivan, Alaska’s junior U.S. Senator for the last six years, is running for reelection. What does he think the most urgent needs are for the state and what are his plans for getting the work done in a fractured senate?
Lori Townsend interviews U.S. Senate Candidate Al Gross during Alaska Insight

Al Gross is running for office for the first time. Here’s why he thinks he belongs in the U.S. Senate | Alaska Insight

https://youtu.be/GhFqfBGS4fs Continuing our coverage of congressional races, we turn to the U.S. Senate candidates beginning with Independent candidate Al Gross. Gross is running for office for the...

LISTEN: Primaries or ranked choice? Vote Yes and Vote No make their case on Ballot Measure 2.

Ballot measure 2 seeks to make changes to the state’s election structure by replacing the political party primary and by selecting candidates through ranked choice voting. What would it mean for elections and what do you need to know about the measure before voting on it?
Alyse Galvin talks to Lori Townsend during Alaska Insight

Alyse Galvin is taking on Alaska’s longtime congressman. Here’s why she thinks she’ll win | Alaska Insight

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHEHyiFpU00 We continue our coverage of the Congressional candidates for the upcoming November election with U.S. House candidate-Independent Alyse Galvin. Galvin has returned to the ticket for...
Al Gross stands on a boat dock holding fisherman's jacket over his shoulder, looking at the camera

LISTEN: U.S. Senate candidate Al Gross is here to answer your questions

Making his first run for public office, Al Gross wants to win the race for Alaska's U.S. Senate seat, currently held by incumbent Dan Sullivan. Gross is running as an Independent with support from state democrats.
Political Candidate Alyse Galvin smiles at the camera in front of trees

LISTEN: U.S. House candidate Alyse Galvin is here to answer your questions

Challenging Alaska's lone and long-serving U.S. House representative for a second time, Alyse Galvin is running as an independent with support from state Democrats.
Lori Townsend interviews Congressman Don Young during Alaska Insight

Fighting for his 25th term, here’s why Don Young says he’s not done yet | Alaska Insight

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEVXzVFiTt4&feature=youtu.be Alaska Insight is kicking off four weeks of discussions with Alaska Congressional candidates with U.S. House incumbent Don Young. Congressman Young is seeking his 25th term...
Lori Townsend Speaks with school district personnel about how they are keeping kids safe during the new school year in the COVID-19 pandemic.

How districts are working to meet distance education needs in rural Alaska | Alaska Insight

https://youtu.be/obyHCWhCdDE Most schools are underway across the state. Do rural students have better options for online instruction now than they had in the spring? And in areas...
A man speaks at a podium

LISTEN: U.S. House incumbent Don Young is here to answer your questions

Alaska has only one U.S. House seat and Congressman Don Young is seeking his 25th term in that position. What does he want to accomplish in the next two years if he is re-elected?
Lori Townsend talks to guest on Alaska Insight set.

CARES Act funding is helping communities through the pandemic, but is it enough? | Alaska Insight

Lori Townsend speaks with the executive director of Alaska Municipal League and a local government specialist with the State of Alaska about how communities are spending CARES Act funding.

LISTEN: Not every student in Alaska has access to reliable internet. How are officials handling distance education in rural Alaska?

How will rural students access course materials in areas with little or no broadband? And how will teachers build relationships with students that can’t log on?
Lori Townsend talks to Jonathan King during an episode of Alaska Insight

Months after initial closures, how is Alaska’s economy faring? | Alaska Insight

https://youtu.be/JZ3DG7Jx2ck Five months after state and local governments' initial COVID-19 closures, where is Alaska at in its recovery? Where are the gaps that must be filled to...
aerial photo of buildings and trees

LISTEN: Weathering budget cuts and COVID-19, the UA System preps for a new school year

COVID-19 has thrown higher education into turmoil. State budget cuts, loss of research funds and the sudden departure of the University system president are also challenging education leaders at an already difficult time. What’s the outlook?
Alaska Public Media Reporter, Tegan Hanlon, interviews a nurse at Providence Hospital in Anchorage

Looking at the summer uptick in COVID-19 cases | Alaska Insight

https://youtu.be/Wiv5xJJyMeg Life has changed rapidly in Alaska with the arrival of COVID-19. On the season premiere of Alaska Insight, Lori Townsend is joined by Alaska's Chief Medical...

LISTEN: It was supposed to be a record year for Alaska tourism. Then COVID-19 hit.

How much has federal CARES Act funding helped Alaska's visitor industry and will these businesses survive the winter?

LISTEN: Hard hit by government closures and consumer fears of exposure to COVID-19, restaurants are on the brink

Bars and restaurants are once again closed to indoor drinking and dining in Anchorage, but some restaurant owners say they can't afford another shutdown, and will defy the order and stay open. Some will close permanently. What's the best answer to keep people safe and keep businesses whole?

LISTEN: We’re celebrating 50 years of public radio in Alaska. Share your stories with us.

Public radio came to Alaska in 1970, providing a vital link between rural communities at a time when there were none. How was Alaska’s public radio network built?

LISTEN: The annual five year Arctic Research plan is inviting public comment before the plan is written. Here’s what you need to know.

Which federal agencies decide what it will include and how can you weigh in to help shape the focus of the science?