Rashah McChesney, Alaska's Energy Desk - Juneau

Rashah McChesney, Alaska's Energy Desk - Juneau
Rashah McChesney is a photojournalist turned radio journalist who has been telling stories in Alaska since 2012. Before joining Alaska's Energy Desk , she worked at Kenai's Peninsula Clarion and the Juneau bureau of the Associated Press. She is a graduate of Iowa State University's Greenlee Journalism School and has worked in public television, newspapers and now radio, all in the quest to become the Swiss Army knife of storytellers.

Short-lived proposition to cut funds for Alaska’s gasline corporation dies in committee

Two House Republicans want to cut funding for the state’s gas line corporation. During a House Finance committee meeting, Rep. Tammie Wilson proposed cutting more than $10 million from the state’s operating budget, earmarked for the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation. Listen now

Lawmakers look to the north as Juneau prepares for Arctic Council meeting

On a cold, sunny day in Juneau, about 40 people gathered in the Capitol to eat lunch and learn about the Arctic. Juneau will host an Arctic Council meeting later this week, and state lawmakers got a visit from national and international scientists, policymakers and researchers on Tuesday. Listen now

Industry pushes back against proposed changes to state’s oil tax system

As lawmakers in Juneau consider changes to the state’s oil tax credit system, they’re facing stiff opposition from oil companies. Listen now

Walker wants Trump on-board the gasline

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump pledged to increase the nation’s infrastructure spending. After Trump was elected, Alaska Gov. Bill Walker sent the new president an infrastructure wishlist from the state. At the top of that list is the state-led $45 billion gasline project. Listen now

New bill from House lawmaker would hike minimum tax on oil industry

A state House lawmaker has released another bill proposing changes to the state’s oil and gas tax credit regime. Anchorage Democrat Les Gara debuted his bill, called the “Fair Share for Alaska’s Oil Act,” on Wednesday (Feb. 15). Listen now

Lawmakers grill Alaska’s gasline corporation on its budget

The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC), which is charged with taking the lead on the massive Alaska liquid natural gas project, is again having its finances questioned. On Tuesday (Feb. 14), members of the Senate Finance committee pressed the corporation’s president Keith Meyer for detailed information about his budget. Listen now

Renewed fight, but old arguments for lawmakers wanting to open ANWR for drilling

Over the past 25 years, Alaska’s Legislature has passed nearly a dozen resolutions asking Congress to allow drilling in the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But this year, something is different. There’s been more push back and public testimony opposed to passing an Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR) resolution. Listen now

Latest oil tax credit bill off to a rough start in state House

Last session, the fight over oil tax credits was one of the biggest questions lawmakers sought to answer.  And while they did manage to pass a bill, it focused on Cook Inlet. Now, many lawmakers are saying it’s time to look at the North Slope. Listen now

Legislature considers new contract to sell royalty oil

The state gets the bulk of its royalties from oil produced on the North Slope in the form of oil rather than in payments from the producers. This week, lawmakers are considering a contract to sell some of that royalty oil to the Alaska-owned refinery and fuel marketing company Petro Star. Listen now

North Slope oil companies ask lawmakers for stable tax laws

A state House committee heard testimony Wednesday afternoon from the big three North Slope oil producers. ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and BP representatives gave several members of the House Resources Committee their perspectives on how the state’s oil tax structure is working. Listen now

From the bush to Congress, Willie Hensley straddles rural and urban divide in Alaska

One afternoon in the mid-1970s, journalist John McPhee and an influential Alaska Native politician Willie Hensley took off from Anchorage in a de Havilland Otter and flew deep into the Alaska range, looking for a new state capitol. Later, in his book “Coming into the Country,” McPhee introduced the rest of the nation to one of the most prominent, young Alaska Native leaders in the state. Hensley was instrumental in forcing the state and the federal government to settle land claims with its 60,000 Alaska Native residents.Listen now

State gasline corporation quietly opens office in Tokyo

The state gasline corporation has opened a satellite office in Tokyo. Listen now

Writer John McPhee was at ease in a canoe, Brad Snow was at ease with him

Brad Snow was 26 years old when he left Anchorage to start a life with his girlfriend, Lilly Allen, near the Yukon River. The couple is featured in John McPhee’s book “Coming into the Country,” published 40 years ago. Listen now

Job losses in nearly every sector expected for 2017

Thousands of Alaskans lost their jobs in 2016, and in the forecast for 2017, it doesn’t look like the economy is going to stop shrinking anytime soon. Listen now

State monitoring spill at Tesoro pipeline facility near Cook Inlet

Workers at a Tesoro facility on the Kenai Peninsula are cleaning up contaminated soil and snow after more than 120 gallons of oily water spilled out of a pipeline near Cook Inlet. The company notified the state of the spill at its Kenai Pipeline Facility on Dec. 18. Listen Now

Former tax division director weighs in on Prudhoe Bay oil tax case

Last week, Alaska’s Supreme Court issued an opinion on a Prudhoe Bay tax law case that has been open for 10 years. Alaska’s Energy Desk reporter Rashah McChesney spoke with the former Department of Revenue tax division head Dan Dickinson.Listen Now

Timeline extended for state takeover of Alaska LNG project

The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation is still trying to broker a deal to take over the Alaska LNG project, but it will not happen by its self-imposed end-of-the-year deadline. Listen Now

Revenue department forecasts jump in oil prices, drop in production

When it comes to the state’s bottom line, the tax division’s revenue sources book predicts a patchwork of good and bad news for the state. The good? Oil prices are forecast to go up. The bad? The money coming in from oil revenue is nowhere near enough to close the state’s budget gap and production on the North Slope is forecast to go down. Listen Now

Lawmakers call for audit of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation

The state corporation charged with taking over the massive Alaska LNG project is going to have its finances scrutinized. The legislators who called for the investigation say they want to know what the corporation has done with the $600 million given to it by the state over the last several years. Listen Now

State moves to update its petroleum spill guidelines

Alaska’s petroleum-based economy means there are many opportunities for toxic petroleum-based spills. At least 80 percent of the contaminated sites that the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation deals with have petroleum products in them. Now, the Department is making moves to update the decades-old protocols it uses when petrochemicals leak into the soil and water. Listen Now