The special ingredient inside these new gluten-free noodles? Fish, from Alaska.

The featured ingredient in the new gluten-free “protein noodles” stocked at Costco might surprise you: It’s pollock, the unassuming whitefish caught by the millions in the Bering Sea, off Alaska’s coast.

Dunleavy fires head of state oil and gas watchdog agency

In a letter sent Tuesday, the governor informed Hollis French he is "immediately" being removed from his position as chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

Those 20 ‘new’ interceptors Trump wants in Alaska? They’re not NEW new

President Trump highlighted the role of Fort Greely in the missile defense plan he unveiled Thursday. But what sounded like a call for a major expansion at the Interior base isn't breaking new ground.

Protesters target SAExploration in Texas over Arctic Refuge

A group of Native American protesters went to the offices of SAExploration in Houston today to object to work the company wants to do in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Murkowski aims to revive public lands bill, despite objection

One of Sen. Lisa Murkowski's first priorities of the year is to pass a 680-page public lands bill. Murkowski nearly passed it last month but was thwarted by a single senator.

Haines birders take part in 119-year-old Christmas bird count

The Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count – a conservationist twist on traditional Christmas hunts – may be the longest running citizen science project in the nation. According to Audubon, Alaskans have participated in the count since before statehood.

ANWR drilling foes see chance to sow doubt

What can opponents of drilling in the Arctic Refuge expect to accomplish with control of just one chamber of Congress? Momentum.

Napakiak faces accelerating erosion

As the Kuskokwim Riverbank falls away, the community of Napakiak has picked up its homes and buildings and moved them farther from the water.

Anchorage driver survives on ‘little island of asphalt’ as exit ramp sloughs away

One of the most striking scenes from this morning’s earthquake in Anchorage is a photo of an SUV sunk in a crevasse that opened up on a Minnesota Drive exit ramp.

Seismic work in ANWR this winter? Time will tell.

SAExploration hopes to collect data within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge before the government holds an oil lease sale next summer.

Alaska Peninsula Corporation strikes a land access deal with Pebble

If the proposed Pebble Mine makes it through the permitting process, the Alaska Peninsula Corporation has agreed to allow Pebble to build a transportation corridor on APC land.

Southcentral Alaska sees most destructive spruce beetle outbreak in over two decades

Spruce beetles damaged nearly 600,000 acres of forest in 2018, and the damage continues to grow.

Coast Guard bill would end EPA permit mandate for fishing boats

For years, Alaska's commercial fishing fleet has dreaded a requirement to obtain a permit for even basic boat discharges, like draining a fish hold, or hosing down a deck. Now, Congress is on the verge of ditching the requirement forever.

Justices wrestle how to set hovercraft case apart from subsistence

The U.S Supreme Court again heard a case that pits the National Park Service against Alaska's sovereignty, and this time subsistence was a big topic. Audio includes excerpts of the arguments.

Trump signs Sullivan bill aimed at reducing plastic waste in ocean

The "Save Our Seas" law encourages the executive branch to take up the problem of plastic waste internationally. It was sponsored by Sullivan and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I. Listen now

BSEE employee claims whistleblower protection

A federal agency that protects whistleblowers is supporting an Alaska employee who says the Interior Department took shortcuts in its environmental review of Royal Dutch Shell's Arctic offshore drilling program. Listen now 

Murkowski accepts climate change. What will she do about it?

Sen. Murkowski is a Republican who goes out of her way to talk about climate change and says we need to reduce emissions. But climate advocates say her deeds don’t match her words.

BLM projects ‘insignificant’ impact from seismic work in ANWR

Officials from the Bureau of Land Management expect "no significant impact" from a 3d seismic survey in the Arctic Refuge. They expect to approve the request in time for work to begin this winter. Enviros say the work could disturb denning polar bears. Listen now

USFWS quietly allows land survey in Izembek; Enviros call foul

Conservation groups say the Interior Department has gone behind the public’s back to conduct a land survey in the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge, in the area of the proposed King Cove road. Listen now

Watchdog renews call for tougher training for Prince William Sound oil tanker escorts

Following two minor accidents, a citizens' watchdog group is asking the state's top environmental regulator to require tougher training for new oil spill response crews in Prince William Sound. Listen now