Lt. Gen. David Krumm sitting in a chair in an office

The military sharpens its focus on the Arctic

As the Arctic warms, it increasingly has the potential to become an arena where world powers compete for dominance. While Russia and China are beefing up their Arctic presence, the Pentagon has been slow to make the Arctic a priority. Alaska Public Media’s Liz Ruskin reports that may be changing.

What is the CARES Act and how can it help you and your small business? | Alaska Insight

Congress has now passed three coronavirus response bills that President Trump has signed, each bigger than the last. The largest and most far-reaching is...
A person holding a silver vape pen

How vape shop owners are responding to the rise of e-cigarette use among teens | Alaska Insight

While the youth tobacco rate has declined, one in four teenagers are now ingesting nicotine through a new, stylish product. E-cigarettes, or vapes, are...

Explained: What are PFAS compounds and how can they affect human health?

Found in various items from firefighting foam to household cleaning products and even food containers, PFAS are persistent "forever...

How immigration transformed the 49th state

Over the course of little more than a century, Alaska communities transformed from primarily Indigenous to some of the...
A sign on the side of the road that reads "Alaska Grown" - courtesy of John Whipple, Alaska Division of Agriculture

State hopes upcoming agricultural land sale near Nenana will bear fruit

Alaska is working on its next big effort to promote agriculture -- a large-scale land auction in the Interior.

Alaska Black History: celebrating Blanche McSmith and Willard Bowman as early voices for justice There is a long history of Black people coming to Alaska for a wide range of opportunities, working hard and making a name for...
Aerial image of Angoon, Alaska

Anxious for relief, rural municipalities navigate spending rules for CARES Act funds

Alaska communities have the freedom to decide how they want to spend coronavirus relief money, but following the federal guidelines hasn't been easy.
Youth dance at AFN conference in Anchorage.

Tribes aim to ask voters for state recognition

Across the US, only 10% of Indigenous tribes with federal recognition also have recognition from their respective state governments. In Alaska, tribal members aim to change that. Last year, they organized to collect tens of thousands signatures in support of a ballot initiative that would ask voters to decide. Supporters say the recognition opens up doors for more resources and symbolizes a respectful government-to-government relationship.

Alaska health care officials address vaccine concerns in Black and Indigenous communities To defeat COVID-19, Alaska needs to vaccinate as many residents as possible. But how do concerns about the vaccine affect the success of that...

Metlakatla adapts to drought with grassroots conservation efforts

When you think of extremely dry conditions, California wildfires probably come to mind. But in 2018, some parts of...

Alaska companies brace for another slow year for tourism

Alaska tour company hopes for rebound in Chinese tourism 2019 was a record year for Chinese and mandarin-language tourists in Alaska, with roughly 10-thousand travelers...

New report shines light on Alaska’s missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls Alaska Native women experience disproportionate levels of violence, but it’s difficult to know exactly how bad the problem is. Mistrust of the legal system...

With knowledge of his ancestors, young leader looks to ANCSA’s future

Aaron Tolen has tribal and ANCSA regional corporation affiliations across the state. He aims to balance a modern education with the values and traditions of his people, so he can continue to feel grounded in his culture and also experience success in a contemporary way.

After four special sessions, Alaska’s budget solutions remain elusive

As Lawmakers prepare for this year’s session, Alaska Public Media’s Adelyn Baxter looks back and reports that, despite the lengthy process, lawmakers didn’t make much progress in 2021.
A woman reporter stands in front of a graph of Alaska.

2020 Census: How has Alaska’s population changed in the last decade?

The results of the 2020 U.S. Census paint a picture of shifting demographics throughout the nation and in Alaska. Alaska Public Media’s Adelyn Baxter breaks down the data.

What’s up with that igloo by Denali and also the tallest building in Fairbanks? A giant, artificial igloo marks the halfway point between Fairbanks and Anchorage along the Parks Highway. It was supposed to be a roadside hotel,...

Anchorage volunteer lobbyist fights for public education

The word 'lobbyist' is often paired with 'fat-cat'. But here in Alaska, it's not just the paid lobbyists who...

ANCSA at 50: Who will be included in the next generation of shareholders?

Video: Corporations formed under ANCSA are slowly opening up to new generations of shareholders, allowing younger Alaska Native people to have a voice in shaping the future.

The Challenge of Teacher Retention in Alaska | Alaska Insight

Across the country, states, including Alaska have difficulty keeping good teachers, principals and superintendents in their positions. Especially in remote parts of the state....