Outdoor Explorer

On “Outdoor Explorer” we invite you to step outside into Alaska. Follow us to a new trail or fishing hole, learn what to pack, when to go and most importantly, how to stay safe. Learn about life-long fitness and get inspired to go outside in the back country or on the bike trails.

We’ll hear from the people who know the land best – outdoor guides, park rangers, coaches, authors, lodge owners, bush pilots, educators and you, the explorer. Listen Thursdays at 2:00 & 8:00 pm on KSKA FM, streaming live at alaskapublic.org.

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a capsized kayak

Performing in an emergency

How and why do we react the way do when we encounter a stressful situation in the outdoors? Deb Ajango joins us to discuss physiological responses and how to train to perform in an emergency.
Max Romey, combining watercolors and photography, photo courtesy Max Romey

Alaska’s storytellers

On the next Outdoor Explorer, author Chris Lundgren and videographer Max Romey, will share stories of Alaska. Chris is the author of Accidental Adventures: Alaska, a book about mishaps with good outcomes. Max is a videographer who uses watercolors, photography and film to tell stories about Alaska and beyond.
Carol Seppilu running outside of Nome, photo courtesy Carol Seppilu

Carol Seppilu: Strong resilient indigenous

On the next Outdoor Explorer, Carol Seppilu from Nome will describe her journey from suicide survivor to ultrarunner. September is Suicide Awareness Month and her shared message of Strong Resilient Indigenous is proving inspirational both state-wide and nationally.
Freya Hoffmeister

Paddling around North America

What’s it like to sea kayak around south and north America, including Alaska? On this Outdoor Explorer we’ll talk with German paddler Freya Hoffmeister who is doing just that.
Hailey Williams, girls winner of the Pride of Alaska Award, photo courtesy of the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame

2020 Alaska Sports Hall of Fame

On this Outdoor Explorer, Harlow Robinson, executive director of the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame, will catch us up on the Hall’s class of 2020. The planned induction ceremony for the event, the moment and the individuals to be honored was slated for April, but the celebration has been delayed to next year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Spencer Glacier

Huts and parks

There are many ways and places to get outdoors in Alaska from car camping to remote mountains and rivers. This show features an update on the Spencer Whistle Stop near Portage, Alaska Hut’s plans for a world class hut system, and one on State Parks and their 50 th anniversary.

Revisiting Sailing the Aleutians on the MV Tustumena

The Alaska Marine Highway has been in the news a lot this summer with talk of big budget cuts and a ferry worker strike. Adam was aboard the Tustumena on a trip out to to Dutch Harbor and spoke with several of his fellow travelers about what the State Ferry means to them.

REVISTING Hidden Animals

On the next Outdoor Explorer we’ll be talking about the hidden animals of Alaska. There are animals in our urban spaces that you may never see and there are also animals that are making their way to Alaska, including a new prey animal and its predator that are a random presence in our state now but may soon be a permanent presence.

Fly for Pie

Since 1980, the number of female pilots in the United States has remained stagnant at 6% of all pilots. In Alaska, however, with a per capita pilot population three times the next closest state, it’s not hard to find a group of women pilots to talk about their adventures.

Scientists in nature

Scientists in Alaska spend weeks at a time in remote locations gathering information to better inform us about the world we live in. On this week’s show we learn from two USGS scientists what it’s like to work in the field.