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Aleut Story, Soundcheck: Pamyua & Object Runway

Enjoy a night of Alaska-oriented programming with Aleut Story, followed by KAKM Mini Docs Soundcheck Pamyua and Object Runway. KAKM: Saturday, March 10 Aleut Story @ 6:00 pm Soundcheck: Pamyua @ 8:00 pm Object Runway @ 8:45 pm

Object Runway

If you missed this sold out event, prepare to sit front row for the craziest fashion show that only Alaskans could envision. Our cameras were allowed behind the curtains to capture some of the excitement and nerves backstage. KAKM: Saturday, March 10 @ 8:45 pm

Soundcheck: Pamyua

Filmed at Tap Root in Anchorage, this is a live concert interview with a band that is known for their dancing as much as their musical performance. We also sat down with the band for an interview about thier Yup'ik roots. KAKM: Saturday, March 10 @ 8:00 pm